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BENEFITS: Why using Cash/Card on Delivery (CCOD)?


Benefits of using TA-Q-BIN Collect service:

  • 5 days of remittance after delivery cut off time.

  • No fixed cost and monthly cost.

  • Can use our services immediately after registration.

Benefits for receiver:

  • We resolve the anxiety of having to make payment before receiving a product.

  • Small change is no longer required if by using card on delivery.

  • Card payment is a simple, safe and convenient way to make regular/recurring payments via 
    electronic signature or chip & pin and receive e-statements.

Benefits for shipper:

  • The value-added service provides customer an alternative payment solution, especially in this cashless society.

  • Making payment upon receiving goods enhances customer's purchasing confidence towards merchants.

  • Card on delivery performs a secure & reliable online transaction from receiver to Yamato to shipper.

  • To receiver: Only shipper who has registered for Card Payment method is available to use mPOS.

  • To shipper: If  you are interested in using TA-Q-BIN Collect Service and mPOS, please click here: