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What is Mpos?


MPOS - The new card on delivery service



Yamato Transport (M) Sdn. Bhd. has first launched mobile point of sales (mPOS) as new settlement method in Malaysia on 3rd October 2016 which enables prompting for PIN & PAY.

  •  This service enables you to pay for an item purchased on the Ecommerce website via credit card and debit card upon delivery.

  •  PIN usage can help protect against fraught due to lost or stolen cards, because the card and the PIN are required to make a payment.

Contactless Payment 

The limit per transaction of goods price below RM250 for the wave and pay cards, which do not require a PIN or a signature to authorize payment. 

The embedded chip enables receivers to wave  their cards over a reader at the point of sale.

*Only goods price with RM250 and above is PIN required.


Pin & Pay Tips:
- Key in PIN when paying with your debit or credit card.
- Do not disclose or expose your PIN number to anyone.
- If you have yet to obtain or forgot your PIN, please contact your bank immediately.