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B2 is a computer software which allow the customer to print waybill information on a *A4 size sticker and its only requires a normal personal computer and a laser printer. This software is ideal for businesses which store their customer database in Microsoft excel format.

*The B2 sticker will be provided free of charge.

Benefits of B2 System

Make your business at eased

  • Customer does not need to manually fill in the conventional waybill anymore.

Easy to track your parcels

  • Customer able to check the B2 delivery status at one view.

Convenient shipment data management

  • Customer can search and check all the past B2 shipment record.
How to start ?

Step 1: Application

  • Customer can send in their request to the sales personal during the sign up.

Step 2: Preparation

  • Yamato staff will provide the customer with a login ID and password.
  • Download the B2 Waybill Issue software from the link below.

Step 3: Usage

  • Transfer the delivery information either in tsv or Excel format.
  • Insert the B2 Waybill sticker into the printer to print.
  • Paste the newly issue B2 Waybill sticker on the shipment.