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Send your gifts, sample goods, commodities, etc. from Malaysia to Asia (Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong) by using Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN Service. We provide the least expensive and simplest way for you to reach out to your customers and families throughout Asia!

How to send an international parcel by using International TA-Q-BIN?


Features of International TA-Q-BIN


  • For registered corporate account customers just call our Call Centre to request a pick-up and our sales driver will go to your door-step to collect your parcel(s). Alternatively, you can bring your parcel to one of our nerest service centre.
  • No need to issue any invoice for documents that weigh less than 1 kg.


  • Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN Service can be delivered minimum 7 (seven) days in Asia.
  • Real-time on-line tracking.

Service Area Coverage for International TA-Q-BIN

  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Shanghai

* Delivery time may vary due to Local Import regulations. Please check with local customs authorities for details of restricted and or items prohibited for import!

** For Documents and items that do not carry an accurate price on the waybill, Yamato shall be held liable only up to a maximum of 19SDR per kilogram.

Waybill and Invoice

Please fill in the International TA-Q-BIN waybill by using only English and press hard when filling in the waybill form.

  1. Please fill in receiver’s full name, address, phone number and postal code.
  2. Please fill in sender's full name, address, phone number and postal code.
  3. Sender must sign in the signature column.
  4. Please tick on “document under 1 kg” or “document over 1 kg” or “non-document”.
    (Invoice is required to fill up for “document over 1 kg” or “non-document”) *Please refer below instructions on how to fill in the invoice
  5. Please tick on payment method for duty and tax.
  6. Please fill in the description of goods.
  7. Please fill in the total value of parcel.
  1. Please fill in date and tracking number (if any).
  2. Please fill in shipper's full name, address, postal code and telephone number.
  3. Please fill in consignee/receiver's full name, address, postal code and telephone number.
  4. Please tick the payment method for duty and tax.
  5. Please tick “document” or “non-document” for your parcel.
  6. Please tick the size of your parcel (by TA-Q-BIN authority). 
  7. Please fill in item details, tick on “used” or “new” for your item, indicate quantity, unit price and total amount of parcel.
  8. Please fill in gross weight and net weight.
  9. Please tick on parcel type.
  10. Sender please sign in signature column.

Example of filled in invoice:

Address Label and Invoice

  • Items destined for a foreign country are subject to Export clearance with Malaysia Customs. For this purpose, a detailed Invoice must be attached to each shipment indicating the contents of the shipment and the value of each item contained within.
  • A shipment declared as "Documents" does not require any Invoice.
  • In general. countries do require a copy of the original invoice for Import clearance procedures. Lack of such documentation may lead to shipments being withheld by local authorities and might incur additional costs for the consignee.

You may also download the Invoice form for use

International TAQBIN Shipping Consent Form
Prohibited items for International TA-Q-BIN
Additional Export Guidelines to Japan

Please note that the following 6 items (food products, tableware, pharmaceutical products, quasi-drugs, cosmetics and medical equipment) must comply with Japan's Import guidelines.



*   Above rates are inclusive of pick up, export clearance at origin and delivery fee at destination. Additional costs for import clearance and duties might arise at destination country.

** Yamato’s International TA-Q-BIN accepts only “Freight Prepaid”. Freight COD is not available.