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Send your gifts, sample goods, commodities, etc. from Malaysia to Asia (Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong) using Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN Service. We provide the least expensive and most simple way for you to reach out to your customers and family throughout the Asia!
features of international TA-Q-BIN
With a simple rate system, we have 6 categories of sizes plus a special offer for documents to help you determine your cost quickly and accurately.


  • No more fiddling around and separating international and domestic home delivery. One call does it all!
  • Just call our toll free number and our sales driver will come and collect your parcel. Alternatively you can bring your parcel to one of our Branches.
  • No need to issue any invoice for documents that weigh less than 1 kg.


  • Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN Service can be delivered from 2 days in Asia.
  • Real-time on-line tracking.
  • A compensation of up to RM 4,000 for any shipment damaged or lost **.
* Delivery time may vary due to Local Import regulations. Please check with local customs authorities for details of restricted and or items
   prohibited for import!

** For Documents and items that do not carry an accurate price on the waybill, Yamato shall be held liable to a maximum of 19.—SDR per

how to send a parcel
Just follow these 3 easy steps!
*If you have any inquiries with regard to rates, delivery schedules, prohibited goods etc. please contact our Call Centre for assistance.
*Kindly prepare 2 copies of your invoice when sending a parcel via International TA-Q-BIN.
Important Notes
  • The maximum size limit is 160 cm for a combined length, width and height of the package.
  • The maximum weight limit may not exceed 20 kg.
  • Yamato's liability for loss or damage to any Shipment or any portion thereof is limited to RMY 4,000. However, in case where the value on the waybill is either misstated or not clearly defined, the maximum liability shall be limited to SDR 19. - per kilo.
  • Items addressed to Schools and Universities / P.O. Box / Hotels, Ski Lodge etc. cannot be accepted and transported as Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN shipments.
  • Unaccompanied baggage cannot be sent using Yamato's International TA-Q-BIN Service.
  • As Import and Export conditions and/or regulations are continuously adjusted in various countries, current laws might be changed and Yamato's service might be either changed or stopped at the request of such changes.
  • While Yamato strives to deliver your goods as quick as possible, there may be delays beyond Yamato's control (such as but not limited to, delay in customs clearance at destination country, acts of nature etc.)
  • Any dispute, claim for compensation can only be brought forward by the shipper upon presentation of waybill.
how to fill in a waybill
1. Write down Name, Address, Phone Number & Postal Code of addressee
2. Write down Name, Address, Phone Number & Postal Code of sender
3. Write down sender's signature
4. Select 'Document under 1kg', 'Document over 1kg' or 'Non-document'
   (An invoice is required if you select 'Document over 1kg' or "Non-document". See below for invoice details)
5. Select how to pay a duty tax in 'Payment for Duty & Tax'
6. Fill in what is inside in 'Description of Goods'
7. Fill in how much is the value of goods inside in 'Value of Customs'
how to fill in an invoice (In case of over 1kg document or parcel)
1. Write down a tracking number and a shipment data of parcels
2. Write down Name, Address, Phone Number & Postal Code of addressee
3. Write down Name, Address, Phone Number & Postal Code of sender
4. Write down description of goods, quantity, unit price and total amount
5. Write down how much weight are the goods
6. Select the payment for duty & tax
7. Select the purpose of sending goods
8. Write down your signature
address label and invoice
  • Items destined for a foreign country are subject to Export clearance with Malaysia Customs. For this purpose a
       detailed Invoice must be attached to each shipment indicating the contents of the shipment and the value of each
       item contained within.
  • A shipment declared as "Documents" does not require any Invoice
  • In general countries do require a copy of the original invoice for Import clearance procedures. Lack of such
       documentation may lead to shipments being withheld by local authorities and might incur additional costs for the
  • You may also download the Invoice form for use
    Download International TA-Q-BIN Terms & Conditions

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