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TA-Q-BIN, cool TA-Q-BIN & TA-Q-BIN collect rates
How to calculate size of package
Our rates are based on the size and weight of the delivery package. Kindly note the maximum size per delivery is 160cm while the maximum weight is 25kg.
international TA-Q-BIN rates
How to calculate size of package

Important Notes

* Size (cm) is the combined sum of length, width and height added together.
* The upper limit for a Document package is within B4 size for length and width and the weight is up to maximum 1kg (2.2 lb).
* When either the size (cm) or weight exceeds the limit, the oversized one is treated as Size.
All rates are in Ringgit Malaysia(RM).
  • Above rates are inclusive of pick up, Export clearance at origin and delivery fee at destination. Additional costs for Import clearance and duties might arise at destination country.
  • Yamato’s International TA-Q-BIN accepts only “Freight Prepaid”. Freight Collect is not available!

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We regret to inform you that due to Hari Raya celebrations, TA-Q-BIN branches will shorten our operating more